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Effective Immediately: New client(s) will be charged the full service fee for late cancellation/no-show.

Be advised, effective September 1st, all services have increased to $125 for new clients and non-reoccurring clients (does not include clients who have been receiving services consecutively prior to September 1st). 


New Client Intake Session

An intake session is 50-60 minutes long. The intake session is the initial session and is designed to build rapport and to understand the client’s need for therapy. (Prior to Individual and Family/Couple Therapy Only; flat rate includes all persons)



Individual Therapy

An individual session is 50 minutes long which only includes the client who is getting serviced. Parents, Guardians, and/or others are not allowed in session. See “Family Therapy”.



Group Therapy

A group session is 90 minutes long. Group therapy is typically for psychoeducation purposes and dates are pre-arranged. (10 person max; price includes per person)



Couples Therapy

A couples session is 60 minutes and is for non-martial and marital couples. This service also includes pre-martial counseling (Recommended a total of 8 sessions)



Family Therapy

A family session is 60 minutes long. This session is for family members who would like to work on family dynamics and other related issues. (5 person max)



Telehealth/Online Therapy

A Telehealth/Online therapy session is 50 minutes. Telehealth is a web-cam conference between the client and therapist via phone or computer. Clients must be approved prior to setting this appointment and cannot be scheduled for new clients. This is only offered to Individuals and Couples (NOT Family & Groups).